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About Us

Everybody is able to make beautiful projects ...


... we complement them with passion and heartiness and bring them to life together with you!


Through many years of our successful self-employment with our own fine FincaHotel on Mallorca, we know what we are talking about.


We are looking forward to share these experiences with you in order to expand success together with competence.



Everyone can create beautiful projects....

The art, however, is to activate passion and heartiness and to repeatedly offer the guest an emotional and unforgettable experience.

Hospitality-Passion designs the perfect individual strategy so that hospitality wishes and visions become reality.


Key Facts

Hospitality Consulting


Our personal advice and careful analysis of the initial situation are crucial for a strong and sustainable strategy.

  • Consulting

  • Analysis

  • Concept Development

Hospitality Strategy


Projects tailored to personal ideas, classic or modern, with tailor-made solutions to achieve individual visions.

  • Goal Setting

  • Concept Development

  • Planning

Hospitality Quality


The awakened passion and found cordiality creates the security to achieve goals, hold on to them and enjoy them.

  • Accompaniment

  • Support

  • Quality Controlling

  • Feedback


Customer enthusiasm is not made by brands. But from employees.

Your employees are there to inspire customers. Not your logo or your company rules.


Every employee must have the opportunity and the freedom to inspire your customers.

Im Café arbeiten

Good service is the art of inspiring people.

We offer the guest something special - an experience - we inspire the guest with it.


The moment in which the customer is given something that the customer does not expect. Inspiring customers with little things. This is only really possible when the employees have enough leeway.

Frau Übergabe Einkaufstaschen Valet

Advantage through humanity

Customers want honest, serious hosts - no talkers!


Employees should always be honest with the customer. Even if you cannot help the customer immediately.


Thanks to digitization, customers know exactly what they want.


What does Lucky -service mean?

The magical moment - how we can create magical moments for our guests with simple things.


It is actually so easy to inspire a guest and let them experience an unforgettable moment. Moments that the guest keeps and lets come back.


Deal with the customer in a concentrated manner in order to increase respect.

Only those who treat their customers with respect will get this respect back.


That means not only responding to customer requests, but also meeting them with a lot of warmth and passion.


Celebrating success - motivating employees.

Nothing is worse in hospitality than demotivated employees.


For positive magical moments , every company needs motivated employees who can create precisely these moments with freedom.

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